Pyroclastic Flow followed by series of Tornados, Sinabung Volcano


The pyroclastic flow deposits red-hot material on the slope of the volcano. After a few minutes, air heated by the deposit establishes a convective regime and due to the speed of the rising air a series of small tornados are formed.
During daylight it is difficult to imaging how hot the deposit is. Click here to see a pyroclastic flow deposit glowing at night from this same location.

Seth Dixon‘s insight:

Mount Sinabung recently erupted, killing at least 15 people and destroying tons on property on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia.  This footage is both awe-inspiring and terrifying.    

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Sony To Exit PC Business By Selling VAIO


Sony will sell off its lackluster PC division and focus on spinning off its TV business into a standalone entity by June. The company’s announcement confirms a report yesterday that Japan Industrial Partners planned to purchase the VAIO brand. The amount of the deal was not disclosed, but Nikkei reported that it may be up to 50 billion yen ($490 million).

The deal will be finalized by the end of March. Sony said it will cut 5,000 jobs worldwide by the end of this fiscal year, but the new PC company plans to hire about 250 to 500 Sony employees and continue to fill aftercare warranties. Sony will initially invest 5% of the new company’s capital to support its launch.

The sale of VAIO isn’t a big surprise, as Sony’s PC business has long underperformed its other divisions. Indeed, when Kazuo Hirai took over as president and CEO of Sony…

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Apple Dives Deeper Into Improved Device Display Research With Quantum Dot-Enhanced Tech


Apple has filed for three new patents, according to applications published by the USPTO (via AppleInsider) today. The applications all relate to the use of quantum dot-enhanced displays, which provide a number of advantages to electronic device screens, including richer and more vibrant colors, better viewing angles and an overall better experience vs. standard LCD gadget screens.

Apple had filed for a patent on quantum dot-enhanced displays back in December 2013, when it detailed basic ways in which the tech might be applied to existing display technology to deliver color control improvements. Now, these three new patents handle additional applications of quantum dots in tandem with a MEMS (microelectromechancial systems) shutter control, a version that uses a mixture of prisms and other tricks for using a backlight stack to control light distributed through quantum dots, and a backlight dimming patent that refines how a quantum dot-enhanced backlight system…

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Apple Patents Autocorrect Review System, Language Auto-Detect For Mobile Messaging


Apple has patented a system that could greatly reduce the volume of material available for blogs like ‘Damn You Autocorrect,’ should it ever make its way to shipping software. AppleInsider spotted the filing with the USPTO today, which describes a way in which autocorrect changes are highlighted to a user once they press the send button, when they’re given a chance to review any changes made by autocorrect before actually moving the message along to its intended recipient.

The utility of this is probably instantly recognizable to anyone who’s had that stomach-dropping moment when they realized what they sent wasn’t what they intended to send, and there are no takebacks. The now-common use of an asterisk followed by the word you actually meant to send as an immediate (or somewhat delayed, if it takes you a while to realize) correction (*whatevs, not ‘wharves’) is a pretty good indicator we’ve got…

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Cash-Based Payments Network PayNearMe Raises $20M Series E, Expands Via Family Dollar Partnership


Cash-based payments platform PayNearMe, which allows consumers to pay their rent, utility bills and loans, buy tickets online and more, is today expanding its footprint significantly in the U.S., thanks to a partnership with Family Dollar. The deal will allow consumers to use the service in the over 8,000 Family Dollar stores in 40 states, which brings PayNearMe’s total number of payment locations to 17,000, including their previous deals with 7-Eleven and ACE Cash Express.

Additionally, the company has raised $20 million in new investment, led by GSV Capital. Also participating in the round were previous investors, August Capital, Maveron, True Ventures, and Khosla Ventures.

Founded in 2009, and know as “Kwedit” up until its name change in fall 2010, PayNearMe is focused on serving the quarter of the country who prefers to or needs to pay with cash.

“Nobody has really innovated on their behalf in 20…

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4 Things Microsoft Still Does Well


With a struggling product line, shrinking PC sales, and a comical CEO search that seemed to lurch in three directions a day, Microsoft has become the punchline of every tech industry joke. Oh, how the geeky have fallen. As Steve Ballmer paddles away in a lifeboat made of $100 bills, newly-minted CEO Satya Nadella must right the company’s sinking ship and fix all the broken Windows. It’s easy (and popular) to predict further disaster for the once-proud tech titan. But quietly, Microsoft is doing several things well—better than we give it credit for.

Here are four things Microsoft still does well, and how it can capitalize going forward.

1. Mobile OS Design


The world hasn’t been fair to Windows Phone, a mobile OS with a design that’s fresh, tasteful, and functional. We forget just how innovative the metro-style interface was—and still is—which was flat before iOS and…

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