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Rock Cycle Songs


Have you ever heard song about Rock Cycle??

It’s a beautiful stories of rocks on earth.

From the cooling down magma, igneous rocks are formed that we could easily find in the volcanoes area.

Then, heavy weathering like wind, rain, ice, chemical material, and organism sediments the rocks and change it into Sedimentary Rocks. The examples of the rocks are stalagtit and stalagmite in cave.

After that, the heat and pressure hit the rocks and transform the rocks into beautiful amazing rocks called Metamorf rocks which we are more familiar with. The examples of rocks are diamond, marmer, and pualam.

Actually, the rock cycle taught us a wonderful stories of life. The metamorf rocks become more valuable than any other rocks because of its pressure and heat. the more pressure, heat, and process you are going to pass in your life, the more value you are…

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