Apple Dives Deeper Into Improved Device Display Research With Quantum Dot-Enhanced Tech


Apple has filed for three new patents, according to applications published by the USPTO (via AppleInsider) today. The applications all relate to the use of quantum dot-enhanced displays, which provide a number of advantages to electronic device screens, including richer and more vibrant colors, better viewing angles and an overall better experience vs. standard LCD gadget screens.

Apple had filed for a patent on quantum dot-enhanced displays back in December 2013, when it detailed basic ways in which the tech might be applied to existing display technology to deliver color control improvements. Now, these three new patents handle additional applications of quantum dots in tandem with a MEMS (microelectromechancial systems) shutter control, a version that uses a mixture of prisms and other tricks for using a backlight stack to control light distributed through quantum dots, and a backlight dimming patent that refines how a quantum dot-enhanced backlight system…

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