Apple Patents Autocorrect Review System, Language Auto-Detect For Mobile Messaging


Apple has patented a system that could greatly reduce the volume of material available for blogs like ‘Damn You Autocorrect,’ should it ever make its way to shipping software. AppleInsider spotted the filing with the USPTO today, which describes a way in which autocorrect changes are highlighted to a user once they press the send button, when they’re given a chance to review any changes made by autocorrect before actually moving the message along to its intended recipient.

The utility of this is probably instantly recognizable to anyone who’s had that stomach-dropping moment when they realized what they sent wasn’t what they intended to send, and there are no takebacks. The now-common use of an asterisk followed by the word you actually meant to send as an immediate (or somewhat delayed, if it takes you a while to realize) correction (*whatevs, not ‘wharves’) is a pretty good indicator we’ve got…

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