Google Maps Engine


“Google Maps Engine makes it easy for you to create beautiful maps, share them with others, and reach your audience no matter where they are. It’s built on the same platform that provides Google services to millions of people worldwide, so your users have a consistent and familiar experience wherever they are.”

Seth Dixon‘s insight:

Google has become more and more involved with geospatial technologies and platforms.  This new Maps Engine (still in beta testing) appears to be Google entry into the world of GIS.  Maps Engine is not nearly as robust as ArcGIS Online or even Google Earth and it has many limitations (can’t upload a CSV file with more than 100 data points, can’t use KML or shapefiles, no archive of ready-made layers, etc). 

It’s redeeming value lies in the simplicity of the platform; if all you want to do is draw your own points, lines and…

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Iron Man 3 (2013)

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8/10 Empty Shells

Glad to have you back, Tony.

Iron Man 3 picks up with our genius/billionaire/playboy/philanthropist struggling to keep it together after his near-death experience in The Big Apple. He’s staying up for days, he’s having panic attacks in public, and he’s too damn busy with his suit collection to give Pepper the time of day. Folks, it ain’t good. On top of all that, an international terrorist who calls himself The Mandarin has been wreaking havoc in the US because the President’s a jerk or something. Next thing you know, Tony’s calling the dude out after his best bud almost gets vaporized, and things just go south from there. So after learning the hard way why don’t give your address to terrorists and with everything in his life hanging in the balance, Tony starts to rebuild.

Now that we’ve had some time to properly reflect on the…

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